Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking on the Classics

I just saw the first review of my book Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction TailHere's the link:

It appears about a third of the way down, subtitled, "Taking on P.D. Eastman". It's a nice review and, I hope, the first of many to come. Although, I'm not actually "taking on" P.D. Eastman. I appreciate the reviewer's association. I really love P.D. Eastman's work and have always been a huge fan. And I'm honored to have my book compared and associated with Go, Dog. Go!

Here's a small excerpt:

"…I can happily recommend Dig, Dogs, Dig. It has real verve, and I think young readers (especially boys) are going to like it. Try pairing it with its mentor and predecessor, Go, Dog. Go!"

If you're a P.D. Eastman fan as well, you'll discover I pay homage to his work in a dozen small ways throughout my soon to be released series. In my mind, Go, Dog. Go! is the premier "dog book" of a generation. I hope my work only adds to the genre in some small way.


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